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IT Service

POSCO DX provides environment friendly service designed for the revolutionary elimination of fine dusts technology, which was successfully commercialized for the first time in Korea.

POSCO DX creates business values for customers by combining state-of-the-art technolo-gies such as AI and big data, based on original technical prowess accumulated in diverse fields including manufacturing, construction, and energy.


Intelligent Enterprise

Based on know-how and operation technologies as well as experiences of building a globally renowned POSCO information system, we provide integrated system establishment service encompassing consult-ing, design, S/W development, and setup of H/W including network


Consulting Business consulting

Optimization of business process and HR management including establishment of ICT convergence strategies, SCM, CRM, and HR integrated with IT control technologies as well as performance analysis linked with internal and external data

Solution consulting : Solution consulting service to establish optimal information service complying with global standards by identifying the issues and needs of customers based on extensive experiences and know-how in diverse fields such as ERP, SCM, MES, Smart Workplace practices, and project management


System Integration

Implementing information systems optimized for the business environment and needs of customers by integrating existing systems or building a new one


IT Outsourcing

Efficient IT outsourcing services for customers based on know-how from operating large systems including those of globally esteemed manufacturer POSCO as well as introducing the first SLA system in Korea


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Solution Based Service

  • AI-based service: Services such as detecting unfair terms and establishing a real-time information leak prevention system by applying technologies of automatically detecting and blocking Asymmetrical IT data (documents and emails) through AI learning models
  • Chatbot-based service:Deploying the platform for providing chatbot service based on natural language processing technology to enable front-end services including email and document search, tax adjustment, and IT help bot
  • RPA-based service:Replacing repetitive and regular business with automated robots to boost productivity, prevent intentional fraud, and concentrate on high-value business; hence the huge contribution to business processes such as finance, accounting, HR, procurement, marketing, sales, SCM, manufacturing, etc.

Smart Security

We provide a total security service that includes a consulting service that diagnoses security risks and establishes counterplans to protect the information assets of the customer and the security control service that monitors 365 days a year for security violations and information leakage by implementing and operating a security system.

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Main Services

Tailored security services utilizing top-notch technologies including AI, big data, and cloud to protect the IT service and information assets of the customer.

Information protection consulting: Diagnosis of level of information protection, establishment of masterplan formal certification and consulting of information protection

S/W security vulnerability check: Review on the secure coding of applications and related guideline

White hacking: Inspecting vulnerabilities and providing guidelines on internal threats to web, mobile, and IT infrastructure of customer

Deploying and operating a security system: For IT infrastructure including, but not limited to, on-premise PC, network, and DBMS

Security control: 24/7 monitoring and controls to prevent intrusion and information leak from inside

Competitive Advantage

End-to-end security service for IT and OT environments

AI-based network monitoring, big data-based security control, and secure cloud service

Know-how from 20 years’ experiences

Tailored services with security experts in each field and subject

Smart Data Center

End-to-end services encompassing processes of “Consulting → Simulated training → Migration → Stabilization” based on know-how from establishing Tier 3 + large data center and uninterrupted IT device and service

Main Services

We are operating a landmark data center in Chungju, Pohang, and Gwangyang as well as providing proprietary network services for the POSCO group and affiliates including their overseas manufacturing and processing bases.

White space lease service: Spaces with optimized temperature and humidity controls for operating IT systems such as servers and storage as well as 24/7 power redundancy, network connection, and multiple physical security services Integrated operation service: Management of servers and storage for H/W monitoring and emergency recovery support, exit/entry control, power, HVAC, disaster prevention, and security facilities by experts in each field armed with experiences and know-how

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Competitive Advantage

Business continuity and minimization of operation cost through stable system operation and application of energy efficiency solution based on security and expandability

Cloud Service

We provide total services required by the customer such as consulting for the introduction of cloud services, design and deployment of architecture, establishment and migration, SaaS / PaaS integration and technical support.

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Cloud IoT Platform

IoT platform based on AWS Cloud that collects, stores, and manages a large amount of sensor data generated from various IoT devices in real time, helping customers focus on creating new business value