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Smart Factory

Airport passenger baggage management system and network infra installation and operation.

Data in the production site is collected in real-time to be analyzed through the Big Data, and optimum control is supported through AI. Through this, productivity improvement in the manufacturing industry is enabled along with the quality competitive enhancement, and the management standard of facility, energy, and safety are improved to upgrade the manufacturing competitiveness.

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  • 설비관리 Facility management

    IoT sensor mounted on main plant facilities are utilized for real-time monitoring of the op-erating status to diagnose and predict the facility state, and the facilities with issues are handled in advance to support a stable operating environment.

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  • 품질관리 Quality control

    The integrated analysis is enabled in linkage to the operating data between the pro-cesses topre-monitor the quality failures, and to enable automatic control for prevent-ing the failure in the prior process to the post-process.

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  • 안전관리 Safety management

    A smart safety helmet is utilized for real-time monitoring of the field environment such as the temperature of the work, noise and toxic gas, etc., and the information is delivered immediately to the worker on the occurrence of risk factors to realize safe working environment.

  • 조업관리 Operating management

    The overall processes of production are performed with real-time monitoring and control in the circumstances of minimizing the worker intervention, and the customer demand is monitored in advance to support the production management of reflecting the production schedule.

  • 에너지관리Energy management

    The energy usage of main facilities is analyzed in real-time according to the operating characteristics for each process to support optimum operating environment in the perspective of energy efficiency.

Main reference

  • Smart Factory establishment in POSCO, Pohang & Gwangyang Iron & Steel
  • Smart Factory establishment in Donghwa Corporation PB (Particle Board) plant
  • Smart Factory establishment for LS Nikko Copper